Data Loss Prevention

Prevents data loss

Safetica safeguards key data inside your company. BYOD security keeps employee-owned devices under control. No data in a company’s protected zone can sneak out on these devices. Employees are prevented from utilizing key data to start their own business or give vital information to a competitor.

Safetica is a new generation of DLP software (Data Loss Prevention) which allows you to easily identify threats to your sensitive data. It is quick to deploy and immediately prevents important files from leaving your company.

Cover all data leak channels
Identify suspicious trends and activities
Save the cost of repairing a data breach
Reduce personnel costs

What does Safetica DLP offer?

Audit of Data Transfers
Data Discovery
Channel Filtering
Workflow for Classified Data
Flexible DLP modes
Audit and Manager User Activity
Device, Cloud and Print Management
Drive Encryption
Mobility support
Alerts and Reports

Prevents data loss

Audit of your company’s internal security
Real-time notifications in case of incident
A way to educate users and prevent accidental data leaks
Monthly overviews, emailed straight to your inbox
Online access to incident overview and details

What does Safetica bring to IT admins?

Considerably Easier Deployment

Safetica can be deployed faster than before and doesn’t impact operations. This is important for companies of all sizes. You’ll see the results immediately after deployment and the most critical incident notifications can be automatically delivered to your email.

Sensitive Data Discovery

You don’t have to know in which documents sensitive data are anymore. Safetica helps you identify potential security issues by locating files and emails with important content so that you can easily restrict data from leaving your company. Prepare for GDPR, HIPAA or PCI DSS with more ease.

Enhanced Support for Disc Encryption

Improve security of sensitive files using disc encryption. If your notebook or USB flash disk is lost no one can access your sensitive content thanks to BitLocker encryption.

Safetica Mobile

Safetica Mobile gives you a way to protect all your mobile devices. Your mobile phone can be located easily so you don’t have to worry about getting and configuring a new one. Stolen phones or tablets can be blocked and wiped remotely, therefore making them useless to thieves. IT admins will benefit from easy management of both company computers and mobiles in a single spot.